Isla Experience Gourmet

Isla Experience Gourmet

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Full Day

Isla Victoria has a universe of natural attractions and unique places. Sailing across Nahuel Huapi’s crystal clear waters we reach the island. Centennial cypresses and coihues woodland mixed with native and exotic fauna will host our every minute.

The guide will pick u up at the hotel lobby at 10 am for an exclusive transfer to the pier [30 minutes from downtown / 5 minutes from Llao Llao Hotel].

We will board the motorboat to cross the cold waters of Nahuel Huapi Lake for around 45 minutes, up to the millenary island. There, we will hike the woodlands through inner trails, to watch its varied flora and fauna and learn about its history, we can also visit the small island´s school where will have connection with the local society.

The trails we will follow for about two hours pose no technical challenge, there are no significant slopes; being quiet and with a little bit of luck, we might even spot some deer or pheasant.

Our Chef will prepare lunch for us, who will make this experience more enjoyable and relaxing through culinary delicacies.

While resting, you can enjoy the moment of art we will offer, providing a cultural evening immersed in nature.

Another part of the island remains to be discovered and we do so on the way to Puerto Pampa, enjoying the landscape, as we take our time before embarking for the 40-minute navigation that will take us back to Port.




Level of Difficulty: Low. [2:30 hour walk on even terrain. 40 minute sailing (private motorboat) to get there and 40 to return, depending on lake conditions]

Pick up: 10:30 am

Drop off: 4:00 pm     

Fitness Requirements: Basic fitness level

Personal Mountaineering Gear: Sports footwear (running shoes-type), Sandals, Synthetic warm clothing, sunglasses, bathing suit, hat and sunscreen.

Included: Mountain Guide [Spanish – English]. Gourmet Lunch

Minimum Age: All ages.

Extra Activities upon Request: Kayak / Mountain Bike / Fly fishing or trolling / Stand up paddle/ Snorkeling/ Birdwatching.

Service in action with local school and donation can be done.

Optional: Lunch can be provided by Cassis, and their head Chef can come cook onsite.

Key Selling Tips: This service is widely differentiated to a regular excursion. Explore an emblematic and typical place of our Patagonia in a different way, interacting with the everyday life of the island: a country/rural school and a natural reserve.

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