What's included in this package

Walks, depending on how many days you are staying in BA, you can do one walk or combine them to make the most of your time.

History walk (2km/ 2h)

This walk is the gate of entry to the city. Starting from its ultimate icon (the Obelisk),
We talk about how the city was founded and the country organized, the characters who helped to make it and the places where history is still being written today.


What does the tour cover?
Obelisco / Colón Theater / Florida Street / Plaza de Mayo / Catedral Metropolitana / Pink House / Old quarter / Tenement houses / History of Tango / San Telmo's Market / Typical food and drinks, traditions, curiosities and More!

Architects walk, ( 1.7km, /2 hours)

May Avenue is the dream of Buenos Aires to become the Paris of South America, made on marble and stone. One after other, magnificent buildings flows along the short blocks of the Avenue. When this Avenue was born, Buenos Aires was more pleasant than Paris to the point that it wasn't called May Avenue, but "The Avenue", because it was the only one. For me as a private tour guide for Buenos Aires, is a pleasure to share this charming Avenue with you, the pride of my city!

Designers walk 2km/1.5 hours

There's a side of the Argentine capital that we know - the faded glamour, crumbling façades, those European pinings. But the city isn't trapped in time. A new wave of home-grown designers has come onto the scene, determined to beat the country's economic woes and get creative. They're transforming casonas into cult concept stores, founding covetable fashion lines and kicking off conversations across art, design, music, and literature.

Little París 2km, 2 hours

Recoleta, a premier barrio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the irresistible Little Paris of South America. Until the sounds of thick Argentine Spanish reveal Recoleta’s true identity, a visitor might be fooled, stepping out of an urban rowboat and into a garden of 12,000 roses. Narrow streets are kept cool and shady, a respite from the city’s oppressive humidity, with purple jacaranda trees and neatly wrought iron balconies overhead. The smooth, soft grays and whites of Recoleta’s architecture are easy on the eyes and encourage a leisurely stroll through one of the many green spaces; in Parque 3 de Febrero, French artist Auguste Rodin installed a sculpture of Argentina’s seventh president, Domingo Sarmiento. While many parts of Recoleta life are undeniably French-influenced, others are decidedly Argentine. The result is a beautiful, provocative Creole — the French make up the third largest ancestry group in Argentina, after Italians and Spaniards.


Green Walk 5km/2.5 hours

Buenos Aires is known for its wealth of beautiful green spaces. This South American city has a huge French influence when it comes to urban planning and landscape design, and this can be felt in the city’s charming outdoors. We take a look at some of the most striking parks and gardens in the Argentine capital.

Necrópolis walk 1.5 hours

If you think of cemeteries as depressingly dark, underground affairs, Buenos Aires’ Recoleta Cemetery will turn that on its head – not least because most of the graves are built above ground. Here is our guide to this most quirky of resting places.
Considered one of the most unusual cemeteries in the world, the site was declared the city’s first official public burial place in 1822. Aside from being the resting place of the deceased, it is completely unlike a normal cemetery. The place is full of elaborately carved scroll-work and stately pillars that only reach up to your shoulder because all the structures are weirdly mini; it’s more magical than macabre. The burial site of Argentina’s most famous figures, including Evita herself, the cemetery is a must-do while in Buenos Aires.

Graffiti walking tour - 2.5 / 3 hours

Apart from reoccurring themes throughout Buenos Aires, the tour is a great way to learn (if not again) more in general about the different types of graffiti and the different kinds of materials used in street art (such as stickers, stencils and wheat-paste posters). Another plus is that you to get to know the main streets and places to be of Palermo Soho and Viejo in between, so your orientation will be a lot better afterward. 
If you want to discover the bohemian sector of Buenos Aires in an amazing way and a little off the beaten pathway, I´d say, go for this tour! You´ll see the city from a different perspective afterward, and that´s a good thing for sure in this case. 
Mainly around Palermo Soho & Palermo Viejo,  Bohemian Quarter
What covers: Graffiti Background concepts, "Worldwide wall" (Merioone)
"Love Is in the Air", "Minash", "Madison Av" "Queen Victoria"Martín Ron "bring the art to the people"

Fancy Walk 3 km /2 hours

Just in the centre of Buenos Aires, wandering the streets of Recoleta will make you think you are in Europe - but then the atmosphere and ambient will tell you otherwise.

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